Freddy "Tavarish" Hernandez is a prominent automotive YouTuber known for his in-depth car restoration and modification videos.

Tavarish gained fame by purchasing high-end, often damaged vehicles and documenting their transformations into fully restored, customized machines. His channel appeals to a broad audience, from DIY car enthusiasts to those simply fascinated by luxury cars and their overhaul process.

Tavarish's content uniquely combines technical car repair guidance with engaging storytelling, showcasing his skills in both mechanics and videography.

His approachable demeanor and detailed explanations help demystify complex automotive repair techniques, making them accessible to viewers with varying levels of expertise. His channel also features reviews and test drives, further diversifying his automotive content.

TOP 5 CARS 1) McLaren F1 2) McLaren P1 3) Porsche 992 GT3 4) Aston Martin DBS 5) Mercedes S65 AMG


Ciro is the founder of, a renowned platform known for organizing high-caliber automotive events that attract car enthusiasts from various regions.

With a robust social media presence, Ciampi effectively promotes these gatherings, which feature a mix of classic, exotic, and luxury vehicles, providing a vibrant community space for networking and showcasing automotive passions. His events are celebrated for their inclusivity and the unique experiences they offer, such as meet-ups, shows, and drives, which cater to a diverse audience ranging from collectors to casual fans.

Ciro's leadership and visionary approach have established as a significant player in the automotive event industry, continually growing its footprint and influence among car enthusiasts.

TOP 5 CARS: 1) Shelby Daytona Coupe 2) Lamborghini Countach Periscopio 3) Lamborghini Miura SV 4) Alfa Romeo 8C Competizione 5) Bizzarrini 5300GT


Sam Hard, better known as the face behind Hard Up Garage on YouTube, is a prominent figure in the automotive community, celebrated for his compelling storytelling on VinWiki and his innovative car builds featured at the SEMA show.

His YouTube channel showcases a variety of projects where he takes on challenging builds, transforming neglected vehicles into remarkable showpieces. Hard's engaging storytelling skills shine on VinWiki, where he captivates millions of viewers with tales from his automotive adventures, earning him a significant following.

His participation in SEMA, one of the premier automotive specialty products trade events in the world, highlights his expertise and creativity in car customization, solidifying his reputation as a skilled and entertaining influencer in the car enthusiast space.

TOP 5 CARS: 1) 1970 dodge daytona, 2) 1970 dodge charger, 3) 1969 ford talladega, 4) 1966 ford GT40, 5) 1970 hemi Cuda


Stephen has worked in the large-scale event industry since 2010. Following his passion for comic books and art, he co-founded Tampa Bay Comic Con, Indiana Comic Con, and several other pop-culture conventions around the United States.

Today, Stephen follows his other passion (cars) to WrenchWerx! A car-lover since his earliest years playing with Hot Wheels, and getting his first Car and Driver subscription at twelve years old, Stephen brings his years of event industry experience to help make WrenchWerx a world-class event for car enthusiasts!

A Florida native, Stephen enjoys spending time with his amazing wife and their Dalmatian.

TOP 5 CARS: 1) Ford GT Mk1. 2) Ferrari 512TR. 3) Acura NSX (1st gen.), 4) 1962 Cadillac Coupe DeVille, 5) 1948 Buick Sedanette


Arnold Kay, known on Instagram as Locking Diff, is a figure in the automotive scene, orchestrating elite Cars & Coffee gatherings and the Windermere Concours D'Elegance. His Instagram platform, Locking Diff, showcases his deep involvement in the car community, featuring high-quality content that ranges from detailed vehicle showcases to insights into exclusive automotive events. His organizational prowess is evident in his ability to host successful Cars & Coffee events, which attract a discerning audience of car enthusiasts.

Additionally, his role in the Windermere Concours D'Elegance highlights his expertise in curating events that display a mix of vintage and modern luxury automobiles, catering to a global audience of connoisseurs and industry insiders. Arnold's background in marketing also ensures that WrenchWerx becomes a massive success from day one.

TOP 5 CARS: 1) Jaguar E-Type Series 1.5, 2) McLaren P1, 3) Porsche Carrera GT, 4) Ferrari 599GTO, 5) McLaren Solus